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For Small Business

The beauty of QR technology is that it's designed for convenience. The user doesn't need to apply some cryptic, convoluted process to get it to work. We make it just as easy for your business. A brick and mortar business can get mobile-friendly and adopt a QR marketing strategy all in one painless step. We can put Social Media and Google Maps, PayPal and Ticketmaster, Email and Phone, all literally at your customers' fingertips, and it won't take us months to do it.

For the professional, we offer a business card solution like no other: SmartQaRds. Each one provides a sharable one-stop-shop for all your contacts. Also, you can stop worrying about what contact information to put. If you change your email or cell number, we can swap that out for you. Even old cards, long since passed, are revived and current. Not sure? Try out our  Free QR Code Generator.

For Promotional Campaigns

Whether you are seeking to attract patrons or voters, clients or likes, our system can provide you with a measurable return. Refine how you allocate your advertising dollars based on hard data. Run targeted, regional or sub-culture campaigns. Provide mobile coupons to be used and shared. Print on all your promotional material: shirts, cups, banners, pins, key tags, and flyers. Bundle in your Social Media. GALLERY

We can also provide services like real-time notifications. The calls-to-action could take the form of directing a sales associate to assist a browsing customer, or preparing for an expected post-game rush. Each one of our clients has a unique custom solution, designed specifically to fulfill a need. Our affordable services and the virtual paper trail we leave make for a completely transparent and unquestionable ROI.

Above you will find two real samples of client campaign results. One client (bar graph at left) is interested in event related traffic spikes, the other (heat map at right) seeks to extend brand reach and establish a more national presence. Though it may require reading glasses in this case, it won't require a statistics degree to see and understand results.

One service we do not provide is SEO (search engine optimization). This is because our core solutions avoid the SEO battle altogether by providing no-search-needed direct connect and direct share. Therefore we are able to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of brand and image control. If you aren't pleased with being Googled, we can provide a better way. Contact us today to learn more!